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...and the Nominees are...

for Sports Betting...

Here comes a PhD in statistics from Cornell University....
He merged his knowledge with his passion and you can be the beneficiary.
He claims an unheard of success rate.
I don't do much Sports Betting,
but I know that a 65 - 70 percent winning record is very good.

This scholar claims 97%!!!!

I don't know about you,
but if I could be in the 87% range, or even the 77% winning record range -
I'd become a Sports Bettor today!

This is one that I'm going to try out and report to you later. But you don't have to take MY word for it.... This program is selling... and it's selling BIG!

You MUST consider adding this to your arsenal...

Sports Betting Champ


for... "Beating the Lotteries"

No, I don't, but millions do!
Well, I must admit that I spend a few bucks when the biggies get really big!
But, as a rule, I don't bet on the lotteries.

Now comes a man that asks a good question: "Why Not"?
And to read his story, it's very compelling. And it makes me want to give it a try.
But again, besides me, this one is selling huge numbers (pardon the pun).
It has staying power -
it's been available for a while... quietly climbing up the stats 'til now -
and it's getting great results in both sales and testimonials.

How To Win Lotto


for... "Horse Racing Handicapping"

Ah, now you're talking.... You know that I love the ponies...

So, what's this got that the others don't?

Why is this constantly on the "best seller list"?

And why is it always ratcheting upwards in popularity?

"Mathematics holds the key to your success with horse racing. Simple mathematics."

There, he said it, and I've been saying it for 35 years.
He and I started this at approximately the same time.
Throughout these years, much has been written on this subject, and yet,
I believe it still comes back to mathematics.

How refreshing - the old method is still the best method...
And this one has been upgraded, tweaked, improved, rewritten and perfected over all these years.
And it is still the most popular product on the subject.

My Mathematical Formula - M MacLean

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